About Us


The company “Pump your body” is a wholesale and retail company importing and selling sporting equipments and supplements of famous brands.

Our main office is in Tetovo, the second largest city in Republic of Macedonia with a population of around 250.000, a highly industrialized city with two universities, yearly frequented by 25.000 students from all over the country and the neighboring countries such as Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Tetovo is known as a very sport loving city where its citizens during the last two decades a lot of investments have been made in the city, especially in the field of sports. Tetovo possesses two football clubs in the first division, one football club in the second division and many other clubs in the lowest divisions of the country. Moreover, it possesses two basketball clubs in the major divisions and three big volleyball clubs in the elite of the volleyball leagues of the country, not mentioning other sporting clubs in lower divisions. More importantly, it has exactly 13 Fitness Centers both for male and female in the rural area of the city only, showing the great interest in the Fitness Business. Having said this, around 4600 active fitness members are in Tetovo only. There are over 20 fitness centers in Skopje, being the capital city of Macedonia, and over 5 fitness centers in cities such as Gostivar, Bitola, Ohrid, Struga, Prilep, Strumica, Kicevo, Stip and Veles.

At the moment, we have some selling points in cities such as Tetovo, Ohrid, Gostivar and Skopje, aiming to control many more selling points in the country. Having said this, for now we are controlling around 30-35% of the market in Macedonia. Our vision is to control over 75% in the next 4 to 5 years.

We have started in this business in 2011, being only a small selling point in Tetovo only, and slowly moving forward by importing and getting exclusivity of other brands by ourselves and selling them to other retailers in the country. By 2020 we are planning to have a singular chain of our company all over the other cities in Macedonia. Besides, we are supplying two football clubs with our products and we are negotiating with some other clubs from the elite divisions on different sports.